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What is the reason for the development of PE pipes over PVC pipes?

Release date:2019-09-27 11:11:47
What is the reason for the development of PE pipes over PVC pipes?

In the past ten years, the development speed of PE pipes has been very rapid, and the main reason for PE pipes exceeding UPVC pipes is:
1. Polyethylene (PE) materials for pipes continue to achieve significant development: In the early days of plastic pipe development, the application of polyethylene (PE) pipes was far less than that of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes, the main reason being economic. At that time, the high-performance polyethylene pipe material was not developed, and only the polyethylene material equivalent to PE63 grade was used. Because of the low strength, the PE pipe wall was more than twice as thick as the UPVC pipe under the same conditions. Not only is the material cost high but it can only be applied to pipes with lower pressure and smaller diameter, otherwise the wall thickness is too thick to be used. However, due to the development of special materials for polyethylene pipes, a new generation of high-strength materials continues to emerge. Not only PE80 grade products, but also PE100 grade products. With the upgrading of polyethylene materials, the various stresses of polyethylene pipes have increased a lot, and the wall thickness of polyethylene has become thinner and thinner than even PVC pipes. Thus, the advantage of thin PVC wall thickness and low cost has been lost.
2. The unique flexibility and weldability of the polyethylene pipe make the laying of the pipeline convenient and economical, the use is safer and more reliable, and the use is also increased.
In terms of cost, high-grade polyethylene pipe special materials are higher than PVC pipe materials, but why are developed in large quantities because high-performance polyethylene materials have many unique advantages, one of which is PE. The unique flexibility of the tube, its elongation at break is more than 500, the bending radius can be as small as 20-25 times the diameter of the pipe, and it has excellent scratch resistance. Therefore, it is easy to move, bend and intersperse when laying. Polyethylene pipes have low requirements on pipe trenches. On the one hand, the cost of pipe trenches can be reduced. On the other hand, pipes are not easily damaged when uneven foundation settlement and misalignment occur. In addition, the PE pipe can be used with a relatively convenient hot-melt butt joint, or a heat-shrinkable belt can be used for the large-diameter pipe.
Five new uses can be seen due to these advantages of PE pipes:
A. Long-diameter polyethylene tubules can be supplied by long coils, which are very convenient to use for transportation, laying and installation;
B. The flexible pipe with larger diameter can be connected on the ground and then laid into the pipe ditch, so the construction is very convenient;
C. In some occasions, it is possible to lay the PE pipe by jacking technology without using the trenching trench;
D. The PE pipe can be laid on the bottom of the rivers, lakes and rivers by the method of sinking long pipes. PE pipes can also be laid on the desert without digging trenches. E. Polyethylene pipes can be used for internal pipe repair to repair old drain pipes. .
3. Low temperature toughness: The superior performance of polyethylene pipe over PVC pipe is in low temperature toughness. Generally, the temperature in winter in North China, Northeast China and Northwest China is between 0 °C and -30 °C. At this time, the PVC pipe will become hard and brittle, easily damaged and the PE pipe will maintain its good flexibility, and it will not become brittle even at -30*C.
4. Aging resistance: Now the polyethylene tube is required to be made blue or black, especially after adding 2% carbon black, it will prevent the damage of light and ultraviolet rays. The PVC tube is still made of yellow and white and can not be exposed to light for a long time.
5. Environmental pressure: PE pipe is harmless to people's environment, and PVC pipe will use heavy metal salt as stabilizer to produce heavy metal pollution in water quality and soil buried in pipe. When recycling old waste pipe, it will produce two. Um and other harmful substances.