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Plastic Sheet Welding/Bending/Rolling Machine

DHA3000 CNC Plastic Sheet Butt-welding and Rolling Machine

DHA3000 Automatic Plastic Sheet Butt Welding Machine


1. PLC touch-panel control system, capable of automatically adjusting the heating temperature, time and pressure according to the parameters of material under processing.

2. Brand-new integrated frame, highly reliable transmission mechanism, stable in work and superior in performance.

3. Sectional heating for models of 3 meter and larger, enabling large models to have the advantage of energy conservation, as same as the small models do, while processing two small workpieces.

4. Specialized anti-corrosive surface treatment technology, making the surface coating always new as time goes by.

5. Components imported from Japan for control system, with stable properties, lasting and endurable.

***Range of Application***
Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers, manufacture of plastic apparatus, pipeline construction, ventilation systems, serial welding, water treatment systems, scrubbers, environmental technology, swimming pools, transport and logistics.

***Specifications & Parameters***